Five Tips On How To Improve Your Linkedin Profile

Author: The KC Standard | | Categories: Business Development , Marketing Management , Public Relations


Through the pandemic, most companies began remote working because of the constantly changing rules the Government was putting together. People did not want to interact with one another in person because there were chances that they could catch the virus. Some companies could not remote work and had to temporarily pause the work they were doing till things started getting better.

Companies were now noticing that their previous marketing strategies were not working because people were not reacting to things the way that they would in the past. With the changes that were taking place, the marketing of most brands was now online. Companies had to create new strategies, and they were working on these by creating a better online presence. As a company, we come in and assist our clients by creating a better strategy for them to appeal to the masses.

One of the most efficient ways we learned to coordinate these processes was through an efficient online social media platform for businesses called LinkedIn. While working through various platforms could work, we thought we would be better off learning about the one place where all businesses gather. After going through it, we thought we would add some information out there on how to work with LinkedIn because most people don’t even bother using it and prefer creating Facebook pages. These were our findings.

Tip #1: Use a professional headshot for your profile photo
Most need to remember that LinkedIn and Facebook or Twitter are not the same. Most people do not want to learn about their aunts and uncles on Linkedin but that is what Facebook is for. People have to maintain the element of professionalism on their LinkedIn profiles and nothing does that better than being professional. Getting a proper professional shoot would help go the distance.

Tip #2: Use a header photo that better explains you
Much like other social media platforms with banner images, Linkedin has a header that should be worked on and improved. The image should be in the proper proportions and have your personal information, or details about the business you are running. You would get more people interested in what you are doing by getting them to see the header or banner, over getting them to read the information on your profile.

Tip #3: Your headline should be a short statement mentioning who you are and what you do
Headlines are sometimes written as short paragraphs but should be optimized to say as much as needed using as few words as possible. There are some changes that they would have to go through, and you would have to understand what matters to your clients and not just to you so you would be in a better position to write better content in your headline.

Tip #4: Your summary should further explain your experience and include buzzwords to improve your appearance in searches
Your entire profile is optimized to be found by search engines so Google and others would have the correct information available. Additionally, you should have the details about positions, titles, and ranks easily mentioned to make the search process easy. These bits of information added here allow people to find you easily when looking for your position. If they are looking for someone to match your skills and are searching for these skills, your profile would show up.

Tip #5: Add skills!..... Tons of skills! Make sure you have the experience to prove them!
Skills are a significant way to get more work when you are already working on a project. Some clients might be looking for others who have similar skills. For instance, illustrators and animators work together, like so many other skills, you could bag an entire project if you have all the skills for it. People should always be working on improving their skills. Additionally, they should consider getting their colleagues to endorse them for skills if they are good.

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