How The KC Standard Is Making A Difference In The Community

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Through the pandemic, we noticed that there were many people, businesses, and companies that needed assistance to get through work and life. Remote working was not the easiest to get used to, and many were losing their jobs through the process. To offer relief to people and businesses, we had to work on providing strong network solutions to overcome the drawbacks created by lockdowns and social distancing.

Fortunately, as a marketing company for AT&T, we were able to provide individuals and businesses with network plans to work through these challenging times and stay on the same page as their peers. 

Our efforts were much appreciated by those we approached, and we even received several positive reviews. Some of the most outstanding feedback we received has been highlighted here:

  1. Tori was the best AT&T rep. She had more confidence in me getting approved than I did. She was very patient and understanding about what I wanted to pay for a phone and services and got me a plan that was $150 less than what I’m paying now. Thanks for the awesome customer service, and I got myself an iPhone 12 plus for a really good monthly payment.
  2. Tori deserves a raise 😂
  3. Tori was amazing!! I was in Walmart grocery shopping, and she politely asked to go over her promotions for switching to AT&T from Sprint, and I’m glad I did. She ended up getting me a fantastic deal and saved me over $150 by switching my phone service!! She is very professional and was a pleasure to work with
  4. We worked with Tori. She was informative, helpful, and patient. All the information can feel like overload, and when I needed to process before I transferred three phones from a company I had used for 20 years. She practiced kindness, patience and waited for me to come back with the questions I needed to make a decision. She reviewed the plan, helped me to compare it to current service plans, and picked the best option for my family. Had she not been knowledgeable, helpful, kind, and patient, I would not have switched all three phones and my internet.
  5. I didn’t think I would get approved for my phones, but David made it happen! My bill was cut in half: Bye-bye, T-mobile, and that $300 phone bill. Highly recommend anyone looking for a phone to come to visit him. Thanks, David!

We also worked with people who were happy to assist in any way that they could and raised funds for various purposes to benefit our community. We mostly worked with volunteers making the process easier because they would get involved for the love of the work. Some of our proudest moments were volunteering at Harvesters Community Food Network twice. Additionally, we worked on a fundraiser for Always & Furever and another fundraiser for Newhouse.

Within our business, we train our people to be the BEST! We take the time to ensure each person out on the floor has the full product knowledge, all the tools necessary to make a successful sale, and are able to leave clients satisfied. At the same time, we make sure they have fun!

Moreover, we are always working on new ways to get better at the work we do, which keeps us going. We introduced the newest technology to our sales floor to ensure customers are getting the best of the best and our staff keeps growing professionally! These technological features also help us keep our bill low so our clients are paying as little as possible for premium features.

When we are not working, we support several social causes, as we mentioned. However, some efforts that are closer to our hearts are:

- Building the community

- Helping people become better, more confident leaders

- Giving time to those that need it most

When it comes to these causes, over the last couple of months, we were able to help and assist by volunteering time within the community, hosting daily conferences to build our team confidence and leadership, and reaching fundraiser goals.

We are always working on getting better at the processes that we handle. The pandemic has been quite challenging for the work we handle, but we managed to get through. We rate our performance as excellent - we take great care of our people and those around us in the community! In the future, we hope to reach even more people and organizations.

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