About The KC Standard

Leading Marketing Firm

Offering Sales & Marketing Jobs

The KC Standard team specializes in outsourced marketing and sales solutions. Our efforts have enabled many brands to achieve their most ambitious growth goals without the expense of in-house marketing teams. We rely on our expertise and experience to support our clients, plan, and emerge into new and existing markets. We use an out-of-the-box approach and practical strategies to improve our customized product launches and help our clients in grabbing traction in the market.

While our expertise and results speak for themselves, our success goes to our people here at The KC Standard. As a leading marketing firm, we appreciate every associate irrespective of the size or role they perform. To ensure they know how highly we value them, we give every associate plenty of opportunities to develop and grow. We involve them in a flexible mentorship program, open discussions to discuss goals and ambitions, and chances to take on leadership roles and lead their projects.

Values That Guide The KC Standard:

Honesty and integrity

At The KC Standard, we stay true to our values by working with honesty and integrity without compromising the truth. We do the right thing in our interactions with our clients, business partners, and with each other. We always value doing what is proper and ethical.

We succeed together

Our firm culture values and encourages teamwork through collaborative efforts and promotes productive working relationships based on mutual respect. We win as a team, putting the business irrespective of people’s division, department, or interests.

Treat everyone like a business partner

We share a concept to lead the business and work toward common goals that bring us closer to achieving success. Everyone knows what they need to do to get there.

Always give it your best effort

Challenges are a great way to test our knowledge and put in best to work. Solutions come from continual learning, a hundred percent effort, and never giving up.